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European Parliament adopted the NEW DIRECTIVE 2007/38/EC on  the retrofitting of   blind spot mirrors to trucks!
The issue
Every year several hundred children, adult  pedestrians and cyclists are killed under the wheels of trucks and lorries. Even more are seriously injured. All due to the so-called  BLIND SPOT of at least 25 m² unseen from the truck drivers’  seat where one is completely unable to detect anything that  happens in front and alongside the truck. This can have fatal  consequences when the vehicle is making a right turn and fails  to spot a child ,an adult pedestrian, or a cyclist going straight ahead.
New EU Retrofit Directive
On the 11 July  2007 the European Parliament  and the  Council adopted  a new Directive   to eliminate these  dangers  of the blind spot area by introducing   better visual mirrors  being fitted  to existing trucks  according current Directive  2003/97/EC.
For which trucks
The new Directives applies   for all commercial vehicles above  3.5 tonnes   category N2 and N3 being registered after  January 1st. 2000
The requirements to comply with the New Directive
All blind spot mirror systems used must comply with the  current directive 2007/38 EC or  2003/97 EC ,  Class IV ( wide angle) and V ( close proximity)  to cover the prescribed field  of vision.  These mirrors  are to  be placed  on  the passenger side of the cabin and must  have a glass radius  of >> 300 mm.
Time Frame
With effect from 6 August 2007, and not later than 31 March 2009  all   trucks  in question must be retrofitted. Due to the large demand it is  strongly  advised   to mount the EC approved   blind spot mirror systems as soon as possible.
EU approved systems currently available
  • 2007/38 EC  and 2003/97 EC  approved  retrofit replacement  mirrors
  • Additional EC approved   interior or exterior  Dead Angle Mirror Systems   whereby there is  no   need  to replace existing  Class IV and V mirrors !
  • EC approved camera  system
Our expert advise
  • 2007/38/EC  or  2003/97/EC  approved additional blind spot mirror  Class IV and V without need  to  replace the  existing mirror head.
  • Although not yet compulsory under this  new retrofit Directive , the installation  of an Class VI  front mirror  is  advised  to  have near to  full coverage  of the blind spot  in front of the truck
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